Accreditations and Partnerships

CPD Certification
Jade is a continuing Professional Development (CPD) training company. We are currently pursuing partnerships with various professional organizations in the region to ensure all learners following CPD schemes can get CPD points from attending our Programmes.

Center for Non-Verbal Communication
The Center of Nonverbal Communication (CNVC) ( ) is a specialized educational center focused on one of humans’ most powerful forms of communication. Having the ability to recognize and interpret nonverbal cues with others is a proven technique to experience more success in business and everyday life.
Our partnership with the Center for Non-Verbal Communication has developed the Non-Verbal Communication- Threat Detection Masterclass, targeted for the African Continent.

Continuous Learning
The key to making it stick is Continuous Improvement.  As we say in our programs, continuous practice makes improvement and we encourage all those who have participated in our programs to put into practice the communications skills they have learnt. We are also available to offer Follow up sessions.

Our follow up sessions are offered privately in two-hour increments, private coaching sessions, which give you the personal attention, needed to further your ability. Be it for your upcoming presentation or communication situation, all you need is to give us a call and book your coaching session.  

For corporate follow-up sessions, we offer half-day customized coaching sessions.