Effective Interpersonal Communication Program

Excellent Interpersonal Communication skills are valued as a benchmark necessary for upward mobility within an organization. Great leaders have long known this and have utilized interpersonal skills to get ahead. This Programme offers the opportunity to be able to understand the principles which account for successful interaction of persons in interpersonal situations.


  • Principles of Interpersonal Communication
  • The Self in Interpersonal Communication
  • Developing the Trust factor
  • Understanding others
  • Becoming a good listener
  • How to Sound good
  • The Art of Conversation
  • Predicting Response
  • Understanding Non-verbal aspect of Interpersonal Communication
  • Success during Interview Situations


  • Practical interaction and overview of the Interpersonal communication process
  • Involving a communication partner
  • Facilitating the other person’s understanding
  • Handling the interview situation
  • Facilitating a partner’s productive and active response.

Who should Participate?
Human Resource Managers, Project Team Managers, Community Development Managers, Medical Practitioners, Any Manager or professional who wants to succeed during those work related Interpersonal interactions.

Course Duration
Two Days

Your Investment
KSHs. 35,000 + VAT

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