Executive Speech Communication Coaching

Executive Speech Coaching is an interactive, context-dependent process for helping people develop themselves and meet their goals and our approach will place great emphasis on a Skills-based standard rather than theory. We mainly use the reflective approach that allows individuals to not only identify gaps through self analysis, but make responsive and appropriate changes to habitual speaking practices derived from repetitive practical experience using a narrowed set of techniques; applications or discussed models.

Our Founder and Lead Executive Speech Coach Paul Achar has trained and coached hundreds of professionals and developed the Communicate, Connect and Create Model that helps simplify and demystify the public speaking and presentation process. He leads a team of communication specialists in conducting the Programme, which is heavy on reality and light on theory and is focused on Key Rhetorical concepts connecting with the clients day to day engagements.

Our Executive Speech Coaching Models

Silver $1500

Gold $3500

Platinum $4500

With the following items

-Individual Profile report of Personal Discovery

- Personalized Speech Diagnostics Report.

-Brief walk through of   “Communicate. Connect and Create Model” and three application points for your upcoming speaking engagements.


-Includes all items of the Silver package as well as;

 -Content Design and Development.

- Voice Coaching

-Session with an Industry Expert.

-Customized Session Coaching Log for Constant Improvement.

- HD Video recording of some coaching sessions and two of your external speaking engagements with full speech analysis.

- Supplementary Sit-in & Feedback for the two external speech engagements.

Includes all items of Gold Package as well as.

- In-depth industry and audience research and analysis for impact delivery.

- Customized presentation deck design (up to 30 slides).

- Personalized 6-page Speech.

- Recommendation Closure Report

- Unlimited Email and Phone Coaching for 6 months.